Dallas, Texas September 29, 2011
GlobalOutlook Launches Worldwide Online Sales Portal & Extends Their Presence with Direct Customers
Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Business Communication service provider now directly collaborates with businesses to meet their needs.

GlobalOutlook, the Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Business Communication service provider, today announced the launch of its new website and service offerings for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Enterprises. The new online sales portal will facilitate worldwide customers to purchase the desired business communication and collaboration services with a single click.

With this redefinition of corporate and marketing strategy, based on a thorough analysis of market needs, GlobalOutlook now enters into the direct sales market in addition to their existing partner model. GlobalOutlook’s initial approach was of a partner based model wherein they provided Hosted Microsoft Communication, SaaS Business Communication and Collaboration Solutions to a range of corporate customers worldwide. To address the unique needs and high market demand of both SMBs and Enterprises, GlobalOutlook has now started the direct model, with newer service offerings which have been specifically designed to provide the benefits of enterprise-quality communication tools to a range of business users: from small businesses and start-ups to enterprises.

To communicate GlobalOutlook’s dual market approach, the rebranded website experience asks two key questions: “Who are we serving” and “What do we offer them?” With this realignment, both customer audiences benefit from easier accessibility and navigation. Enterprise customers can now also make their purchases via the new online sales portal.

“Whether we are serving a partner or one of our direct enterprise customers, our approach is to make it easy for them, which translates to unmatched flexibility and scalability options, a cost-effective model and our SMART Support. To match the evolving needs of our customers, we will continue to introduce new innovations in the GlobalOutlook offering. Our objective to reach worldwide customers will be now best served through this online sales portal” said Dayakar Puskoor, Chairman of GlobalOutlook.

Raghu Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, GlobalOutlook, added “We all know customers are realizing the need for communication and collaboration solutions for improving their employee productivity, increasing operational efficiencies, and realizing cost reductions. Their requirement is to have implementations seamless and integrate with their business processes and applications. Our new offerings to SMB’s and enterprises help them achieve their business goals and our support team works with them to make their transition painless. As part of our approach to reach a new customer group and expand our horizons worldwide to become a one-stop SaaS solution website, considerable thought has gone into the design of our web presence and rebranding strategy.”

About GlobalOutlook
GlobalOutlook provides Hosted Microsoft Communication, SaaS Business Communication and Collaboration Solutions. Since its inception in 2007, the founding team of industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs has provided experience and expertise in the mobile, enterprise and consulting sectors to a range of corporate customers worldwide.

GlobalOutlook is a portfolio company of Naya Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that invests in mobile and SaaS startups in the US and India. As a business communication services provider, the GlobalOutlook team is constantly working to provide its consumers the latest technologies in the hosted communication, collaboration and SaaS domain.

With offices in Dallas, Texas and Hyderabad, India, GlobalOutlook collaborates with both direct customers and partners such as TELCOs, ISPs, MSPs, and ISVs, web hosting companies, data centers and system integrators to define technology standards and to provide communication and collaboration services and tools to global enterprises.

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