Raghuveer Boinapally
Director of Engineering, Good Technology

Raghuveer is a telecom and mobile veteran and is currently a technical advisor at Naya portfolio company Motivity Labs . He is currently Director of Engineering at Good Technology, Inc., and was Director of Product Development at JP Mobile, Inc. where under his guidance highly scalable enterprise messaging products were released.

Raghu Kumar
MD - Motivity Labs & GlobalOutlook

Raghu has more than 15 years of Mobile Industry experience and over 20 years of over-all experience. He is currently CEO of GlobalOutlook and COO of Motivity Labs. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of M2Junction, which was acquired by SinglePoint, Inc. Raghu’s dynamic leadership skills helped in building companies and teams over the long years which led to successful acquisitions. Earlier, Raghu was CEO for the Indian offices of JP Mobile and Good Technology and his last association was with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) where he managed the mobile solutions group. He led the successful acquisition of Good Technology by Motorola and transition of teams and products.

Raghu is a graduate of Delhi University and an ex-Captain in the Indian Army. He is associated with philanthropic activities as part of Puskoor Trust and PJR Foundation which provide clean & healthy water and schooling in rural India.

Brian Hoskins
Director, Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team

Brian is Director of Business Development on Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team, focusing on mobile and wireless start-ups spanning both consumer and enterprise technologies. Prior to Microsoft, Brian was an Engagement Manager with the Corporate Executive Board in Washington, D.C.

Brian holds an MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School, where he was a George F. Baker Scholar, and a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, in Economics and French from Vanderbilt University.

Greg Ennis
Managing Director, Peninsula Ventures

Greg has two decades of venture capital experience, including serving as Managing Director for the U.S. office of Thompson Clive & Partners, a London-based venture capital firm. Greg holds a MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Stanford University. Greg is also Director and Past President of the Stanford University Department of Athletics (DAPER) Investment Fund.

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