February 10, 2011
Ramping Up: Mary Meeker's Latest Mobile Trend Slides

Today, Kleiner Perkins partners Mary Meeker (the former Internet analyst-turned-venture-capitalist) and Matt Murphy are giving a presentation at Google’s thinkmobile conference for its biggest 200 advertisers. The complete slideshow is above, and it goes through ten mobile trends Kleiner is following and investing in. Meeker’s slideshows are always insightful, and she’s been focusing on mobile the past few years.

But in particular the first three slides are real eye-openers. The first one shows the acceleration of mobile device adoption from the iPod to the iPad. In the first three quarters after the introduction of the iPod, 236,000 units were shipped. When the iPhone came out, it hit 3.7 million units shipped in its third quarter, but then the iPad blew both of its predecessors out of the water with 14.8 million devices shipped.

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